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  Electronic Crockmeter

  Used for testing the fastness to dry or wet rubbing and the fastness to brushing of all kinds of colored   textiles, motorized operation, auto stop when counts reach pre-set counts..


  1. Adopt linear slide, running more smooth

  2. Rubbing head always keep horizontal, no matter thickness of specimen, no adjust position of       rubbing head, easier operation.

  3. Adopt block pressing method, better clamping specimen..

  Technical Parameter:
  • Testing times       1-99999   
  • Rubbing travel      104±3mm   
  • Rubbing speed      60r/min   
  • Rubbing pressure   9N   
  • Rubbing head         ф 16mm   
  • Weight                   12kgs   
  • Power                     AC 220V, 50Hz   
  • External Dimensions  600mm×225mm×270mm



  • ISO105-X12, D02, Bs1006 D02, DIN54021, IWS Tm165, JIS K6328. AATCC8/165

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